Image By Dezine is the marketing devision of 27 Industries. We focus on Custom Made Clothing where we custom make and trim garments based on a clients personal preference and unique needs.
We furthermore supply imprint-able Apparel, Promotional Gifts and Display Systems, supplied by local trade only suppliers.
In addition, we import from our Eastern Hemisphere Office.
We build YOUR Image by Dezine, offering a wide variety of canvasses and solutions that support and build brands.
We are inspired by innovation and creativity, and use that inspiration to make memorable products.
Within our 27 Industries Company, we also boast with a Mobile App Development Division- 27 Advantage, where our team of experts have jointly build some of the most technologically advanced sales and interactive APPS.
Our Advantage team focus and guide you through our 5 step process of Planning, Developing, Testing, Launching and finally ever-going Support
We are driven by a strong set of core values, we conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standards, and within our company’s code of conduct treat both our team members and partners with the respect they deserve, creating an environment where people can contribute, innovate and excel, and where social social responsibility is at the core of our culture where we believe that the only way to get more water into already full glass- is to pour some out.